webMAN MOD 1.41 Compatible 4.21 4.46 4.53 4.55 4.65 4.66


1.41 Compatible 4.21 4.46 4.53 4.55 4.65 4.66

MOD version 1.4107 Download link

webMAN MOD is a M@tsumot0‘s modified version of webMAN 1.41 plugin developed by deank.

This fork provides additional features, like user-friendly smart installer/updater for and NonCobra, IDPS/PSID spoof, support for 23 languages using external files, disable syscalls, remote peek/poke/find in LV1/LV2, remote backup to HDD and from HDD to USB, external GameData, toggle rebug/Cobra features, auto-fix games, webchat, Manager API among other improvements.

Compatible with Cobra CFW 4.21/4.46/4.53/4.55/4.65/4.66 and with non-cobra CFW up to 4.66 using “″ by user .

Official webMAN 1.41 by deank:

Deank's webMAN Plugin updated to v1.18 w/ new features - PSX-Scene


PS3M API edition requires

PRX Loader 1.08U mod by NzV, Download :

PRX Mamba Loader or with Download

Cobra version of PS3M API Download

Download: PS3M API Tool Client for PC

Changelog 1.41.07:
– Added webGUI for ps3mapi editions (thanks to NzV)
[webGUI can be accessed from any device with a browser. The PC Client is not longer needed. ]
– Multiple optimizations. Refer to github for details.

Changelog 1.41.06:
– Fixed issue mounting PS3 games after having mounted a PSX game
– Fixed regression mounting /net games (from 1.41.05)
– Added extra delay 2 secs before report error mounting a game

Changelog 1.41.05:
– Added support to mount .MSF .IMG .BIN files for PSX/PS2
(they will be mounted properly if a .CUE is not needed)
– Reverted file listing buffer to 512 bytes (to support longer file names)
– Html code in file listing is now auto-simplified when the buffer size is exceeded.
If the file name is too long, the file entry will be ignored to avoid html errors.
– Detection of iso in game use less strstr calls (thus a bit faster)
– Display plugin edition on rebug editions
– Avoid launch loop if autoboot is PS2
– Improved display the icon displayed on html when a game is mounted
– Swap PS2emus now backups the current emus on Rebug Toolbox
– Various shortcut combos related to dev_flash are disabled by default on new installations (fool proof)
– Fixed message “Game loaded successfully” when the game failed to mount.

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