Ps3 REBUG 4.53 REX Is Coming Soon


4.53 REX Is Coming Soon

A few days ago, team REBUG gave scene members an update on the group’s progress. While 4.55 official firmware was just released not too long ago, it was discovered that these talented coders had almost finished work on a product before that tiny development popped up. In that sense, the firmware they were almost ready to unleash was somewhat out of date; and that put its developers in a tough position. Should they release the 4.53 work they have already finished, or was it back to square one with a more relevant 4.55 build? According to recent quotes from Cyberskunk, it looks like they’ve chosen to settle on the former. After some final PS2 backwards compatibility testing is complete, we should see 4.53 REX up for download. Here’s the proof!


A user’s Questions: (ps3crunch member IcE)

is the vsh.self patched to enable the screenshot function ?
and will load custom prx in dex mode too ?
last question is do you release 4.53 ?


Cyberskunk of Team Rebug: (feb/20/14)

Yes.. Yes and Yes.The only thing that will not be working on release is DVD/BD ISO’s when in DEX mode.. PSX, PS3, PS2, PSP ISO’s are all working in both CEX/DEX modes.I don’t want to say much more..
Correct.. 4.53 REX w/COBRA will be released.The hardest part has been trying to find the time over the last few months to complete anything.. I’ve only had a couple of spare hours a week if that.. Then every time I was getting close they released a new firmware.I was looking at the creation dates of the different modified dev_flash files just before. They start from the 3/1/14, 10/1/14, 24/1/14 until yesterday.. So that sort of gives an idea.. basically I had a few hours on a few days last month to do anything.Life just gets on top of you sometimes and you have to put down your toys..

That said.. I have finally had a few days in a row to get finished up..

At this point I am waiting for contact from our tester with a PS2 BC PS3 for the last PS2 BC tests.. NON-BC is running fine on CEX/DEX (pad sync bug is still present though).

Once we have checked the PS2 stuff REX is ready for release..

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