Ps3 Cfw 4.53 Downgrade Patches ROGERO


4.53 Downgrade Patches 

Download: 4.53 Rogero Flasher Patches

For those who have a hardware flasher, you are virtually in a position to upgrade and downgrade while you please. When you result in the jump to official firmware however, probably the most reliable methods for getting down again towards the custom world is thru Rogero’s Auto Patcher. It technically has not been up-to-date shortly, but at the minimum it may provide you with down again to 4.50 which you’ll then expensive to another thing like among the new 4.53 CEXs or even Cobra after some work.


PS3 Homebrew/CFW Developer sm has recently released the 4.53 patches needed for downgrading firmware with a Hardware Flasher and Rogero’s PS3 Flash Auto Patcher

Anyway, these patches by Habib allow you to use Rogero’s Auto Patcher to downgrade from the latest PS3 4.53 official firmware. As this procedure does have to do with a process that might harm your console, I suggest using these at your own risk. Please, thank you, and very happy downgrading!

Ps3 Cfw 4.53 Downgrade Patches  ROGERO

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