Max Payne 3 Ps3 Cfw 3.41 3.55 Eboot Fix Patch


3.41 3.55 Eboot Fix Patch

Max Payne 3 Eboot Patch CFW 3.55 Fix

Whenever we first discover the TrueBlue USB Dongle i was looking forward to it.

Finally getting a method to play FW 3.60 games on CFW 3.55 again. Exactly what a great

resource towards the scene everybody thought .. until people discovered this

USB Dongle was exclusively designed for making money Its only purpose was to evaluate

the DRM the TrueBlue Team put into their 3.55 Eboots. Exactly what a shame

DUPLEX to save the day Finally bury your TB dongle because we removed their

unnecessary DRM as well as their Patches will focus on Cfw 3.55 with no dongle

or special TB CFW.

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1. Transfer the overall game to PS3 Hard disk drive

2. Download FIX and extract it

3. Visit …BLES00942/PS3_GAME/USRDIR and replace original files using the downloaded ones

4. Run the overall game through MultiMan

Max Payne 3 3.55 Cfw Fix Eboot Download

Max Payne 3 3.55 3.41 Retail Fix Download Link

password :

Max Payne 3 BLES00942  official update 1.09 Download

Max Payne 3 BLES00942 Retail Fix Download

Max Payne 3 BLUS30557 official update 1.09 Download

Max Payne 3 BLUS30557 Retail Fix Download

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