Ps3 Habib Cobra Cfw 4.53, 4.55 Spoof Update Download

Cobra 4.53 / Download

Ps3 SPOOF 4.55 Download Link

Ps3 TeamGamerBross Download Link

HABIB 4.53 Cobra CFW users’s and HABIB Standard 4.53 CFW   user’s a new spoofer for the recently released 4.55 firmware update, has bee released by the CFW developer. Install this patch at your own risk, as you are messing with internal flash files on your PS3. View all the details below.  As always be sure to check back at because we will make sure to keep you updated with any new information that comes out.


Habib Cobra Tutorial:

1. Run the downloaded file in mmOS (Ps3 multiMAN’s File Manager)
2. Reboot and Enjoy

it also works for normal CFW too

have a nice day :)

Ps3 Habib Cobra Cfw 4.53, 4.55 Spoof Update Download

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