HABIB Cfw 4.53 CEX Cobra Edition v1.02 Download

Cfw 4.53 CEX Edition v1.02 Download

Download Link : HABIB / COBRA 4.53 CFW v1.02

PS3 Developer smhabib (also known as HABIB) has ported Cobra 7. to his 4.53 CFW. “: Cobra Edition v1.00″ features PRX   plugin support at Startup, ISO Mounting, & NTFS Support and consists of the typical patches present in most CFW’s. You will find a couple of known bugs that haven’t been ironed the developer alerts about as seen below. These bugs ought to be fixed inside a future release. At this time around you may choose to remain on current 4.46 Cobra CFW’s or upgrade onto this new 4.53 option. When evaluating the 2 options at this time around 4.46 Cobra CFW’s provides a little more support overall, but that’s to not take nothing from the fine work that developer smhabib does with this particular release. See the official release notes about this CFW release.


Update v1.02: HABIB/COBRA 4.53 v1.02
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1. Fixed recovery mode hang.if anyone is stuck in recovery,pls follow these i


  • Install a different hdd
  • Follow instructions
  • Install my CFW (the new version of 4.53 cobra or search for 4.46 V1.03A of Cobra)

2. Fixed PS2 bug ONLY on BC Consoles (not tested as i dont have bc console.if it still doesnt work,i need a good tester with bc console)


HABIB Cfw 4.53 CEX Cobra Edition v1.02 Download

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