Ps3 GameSonic Manager 1.30 Cobra Version Download

Manager 1.30 Version Download

Download: GameSonic 1.30 [ CEX] / GameSonic 1.22 [Cobra]

v1.30 cfw cex normal e v1.22 cobra Edition

GameSonic Manager (CEX CFW) Version:1.30 Download Link

GameSonic Manager (Cobra CFW) Version:1.22 Download Link

GameSonic Manager occupies a distinctive place within the growing realm of backup utilities. It’s not only a fork of Estwald’s Iris Manager it is actually a “fork of the fork,” with a few code also being lent from PS3ITA Manager too. Through this combine hodgepodge of code, its designers have crafted a significant unique product which now works perfectly on Cobra and CEX firmwares with respect to the package you download. Also incorporated may be the much spoken about “Mamba” payload that enables for ISO support of all recent CEX versions and remote play choices for PSP. Seems like fun in my experience! Browse the changelog below!


Hi, I have released a new version of Gamesonic manager version 1.30 and Gamesonic manager v1.22 Cobra Edition. Many novelties such as remote play with PSP and PSVita.


  • Iris-based manager v2.70, including patches, discless for each cfw, including payload mamba

  • Added 4.46 4.41 payload-dex

  • Cobra version working on CFW Cobra 7.0  without bugs

  • Can remote play with PSP and PSVita

  • Updated fan control utility


Estwald, Aldo Vargas, Rancid-o, Pullecalo, Franzes, Orion (dev and tester)

Ps3 GameSonic Manager 1.30 Cobra Version Download

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