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***The next manual covers the pretty fundamentals of ways to install and run a proxy server in your local computer system to use with your . This permits you to examine how the PS4 communicates with Sony’s servers, for several motives. A proxy allows you to block a number of the site visitors (which has been valuable in the past to allow consumers access Netflix on their PS3 even if they did not have PSN access), or exchange a few of the targeted traffic with connections to your personal server (handy for having the ability to connect towards the PSN on the reduce firmware), or just because you’d wish to know what type of details your console sends to Sony’s servers.***

***Charles proxy is most likely essentially the most well-liked proxy all over right here, nonetheless it is commercial software. Fortunately, scene dev SKFU has become building and updating his own proxy server for windows, and this is actually the device I is going to be showing now.

***There’s practically nothing actually complex with putting in and working SKFU’s pr0xy server, but quite a few individuals presume it is challenging and really don’t even give it a test. Hopefully this tutorial will show them wrong.


Just get the zip and extract it to a folder of your choice.

double click on SKFUPr0xy.exe to start the skfu proxy interface. It should look like something like this:


SKFU pr0xy in theory detects your computer’s IP address automatically. This is important because you will need to enter this information in the PS4 later on.

Assuming SKFU pr0xy has correctly detected your IP address, all you need to do is click on the “start” button


2. Setup the proxy connection on your PS4

The PS4 Network configurations have choices to connect via a proxy, there’s no harmful manipulation involved here. Go to “Settings”, then “Network”


Go to “Set up internet connection”, then select the default option for every step until you reach the “Proxy Server” step. There, select “Use”.


In the “Address” field, input the IP address of your computer as displayed in SKFU proxy. For the port number, use the port number given to you by SKFU pr0xy (8080 by default, which conveniently also happens to be the default given by the PS4)


For the other steps, select the default answer, and you’re done!

To make sure everything works, test your internet connection on the PS4 (last step of the setting). If things go well, the “internet connection test” should work, and you should start seeing some activity in SKFU pr0xy:


3. Profit

You can now navigate on your PS4, on the PSN, etc… to see how the PS4 communicates with the Sony servers. In the screenshot below, I captured the interaction between the PS4 and Sony’s server when checking for a “Firmware update”. This told me the PS4 firmware update information can be found at This is of course not groundbreaking information, but that’s the basics.


SKFU Pr0xy offers additional tools to filter some requests, replace some requests with others, etc… it lets you manipulate the queries sent by your PS4 to the Sony network, as well as the replies from the servers themselves. Enjoy :)


If your PS4 doesn’t find SKFU pr0xy: make sure they are connected on the same network (I personally prefer to plug both the PS4 and the computer through LAN in these conditions, rather than Wifi), and that your router does not block communications through the used port (8080 in that case)

Ps4 SKFU Pr0xy v 1.0 Direct Download

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