WWE 2K14 Ps3 v1.01 Update Cfw 3.55 Eboot Fix Patch

WWE 2K14 v1.01 Update Cfw 3.55 Eboot Fix Patch

Ps3 WWE 2K14 [BLES01937] Patch 1.01 Cfw


FINALLY. 2K Sports’ selection of premier simulation game titles grows using the company’s first release within the flagship WWE videogame franchise, WWE 2K14. Probably the most electrifying, authentic and comprehensive WWE gaming experience up to now arrives soon.

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WWE 2K14 [BLES01937] Patch 1.01 Cfw download links:

Ps3 Cfw 3.41 3.55 4.46 4.50 Eboot Fix

Link password :

BLES01937 – Retail Fix – Download link

BLES01937  Update 1.01 Download link

BLES01937 Need official update 1.01 – Need BD-mirror

Download 1.01 update patch link

First install official update 1.01

Don’t forget to use bd-mirror option in MultiMan.


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