Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Update v 1.05 Online Patch Fix Eboot

Grand Theft Auto V () Update v 1.05 Online Patch Fix Eboot

GRAND THEFT AUTO V[BLES01807 – BLUS31156] cfw fix

Rockstar Games today launched title update 1.05 for Grand Theft Auto Online, paving the way in which for that first 1 / 2 of the GTA$ Stimulus Bundle to become shipped later within the week.

The latest GTA 5 Online title update can be obtained today on Xbox 360  and Ps 3. It addresses various save issues, detailed entirely below.

Built-in measures to avoid customers from losing their progress when there’s a cloud outage

Built-in numerous measures to safeguard players’ cash balances even when you will find network problems

Fixed an problem where on rare occasions throughout network problems the gamer could lose their Online vehicle or mods after exiting GTA Online


Gamers who still encounter technical troubles are urged to go to Rockstar’s support web site to contact the developer’s support team. Customers may also sign up for the GTA Online Launch Status article or message the organization in the official Rockstar Support Twitter account.

Game play feedback ought to be fond of Rockstar via, the developer stated.

Concerning the lengthy-looked forward to GTA$ Stimulus Bundle, Rockstar stated it needs the very first $250,000 to become shipped to gamers “within the next day or two.Inch

“The Stimulus goes out during the period of a complete day once it’s started so you shouldn’t be alarmed if people in your buddies list receive it before or after you need to do,Inch Rockstar stated. “Enjoy and that we certainly thank you for persistence and understanding once we straighten out these remaining issues.”

When Rockstar initially introduced the $500,000 of in-game cash for gamers (to become shipped in 2 deposits of $250,000) earlier this year, the organization stated it wouldn’t spend the cash until the overall game was stable.

GTAV has shipped greater than 29 million copies up to now, although it is unclear the number of gamers have drenched into GTA Online. For additional on GTA Online, take a look at GameSpot‘s video review below.

Grand Theft Auto V v1.05 – BLES01807 / BLUS31156 – opoisso893  fix
You need to install official update 1.05 first.

BLES01807 – Retail Fix

BLES01807 – Update 1.05 – Need official update 1.05

BLUS31156 – Retail Fix

BLUS31156 – Update 1.05 – Need official update 1.05

GTAV 3.55 3.41 fix Click here for all download links

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