İris manager 2.52 Ps3 Backup Game Manager Download

İris manager 2.52 Backup Game Manager Download

Added support to CFW 4.50 from Evilnat Manager version.

Added treatment for error 80010009 on 4.50 CFW games.

NOTE: this support is not examined by me after many several weeks, basically have wrongly identified as something (hopefully not ): if there’s an insect, write a comment within the thread and i’ll attempt to correct it as quickly as possible.



What’s new in version 5. 51 (Official version):

Added support CFW 4.46 (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20.) Because of Rancid – o and company)

Note: Is not examined by me and I’m not sure as needed additional patches in Rogero 4.46 or maybe there’s some type of bug. I am still in 4.40 MiralaTijera… so provide a check it out and when you will find problems, we will have that it may be

Up-to-date languages Chinese simplified/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu) and added Portuguese (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20)

Added use of menus of options (Choose and begin) by parental control lock to avoid children from being able to access these options: When the parental control for that games is placed between 1 and eight inclusive pressing these buttons, display a note rather.

What’s New in version 5.70 (Unofficial version by Evilnat also known as Nathan_r32_69):

Added the payload for Custom Firmware 4.41 DEX (Evilnat)

Added the payload control fan for Custom Firmware 4.41 DEX

İris manager ver 2.52 Manager Download

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