Habib Cex Ps3 4.50 Ver 1.01 Custom Firmware Download

Cex 4.50 Ver 1.01 Custom Firmware Download

1. Constructed of 4.50 ofw

2. Have install package files and application_home

3. Have ReActPSN compatibility

4. Patched all coreos ecdsa check

5. Patched lv2 to include look/poke supoort


6. Patched lv1 to disable lv2 protection

7. Patched lv1 to include look/ poke support

8. It may run games signed with secrets up to 4.50

9. Could be up-to-date over any cfw

10. Could be up-to-date over 3.55 ofw

11. Added no bt/bd patches

12. RSOD bypass

13. ReActPSN offline patch added

14. Better system stability

15. PSP remaster support added

16. QA flag enabled automatically if PS3 was QA on 3.55

17. Removed remote play restriction

18. In game screenshot enabled

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