Ps3 Cfw 4.50 Ferrox ver 1.00 Custom Firmware Download

Cfw 4.50 Custom Firmware Download

v1.00 MD5: F47B206749D6630013F638C9DB533E97

FERROX CFW 4.50 (Alpha Version .1) MD5: B251408ACD3E5A859A2695C3D162CD35

To quote, roughly converted: First stable release following the .1 and also the .2 alpha of four.50. After extensive testing this is actually the stable version. brings by using it, news concerning the screenshot and remote play.

Built according to OFW 4.50



CECH-2001A ( SLIM 120gb ) [ Working!. ]

CECH-2501A [ Working!. ]

CECH-2002B [ Working! ]

CECH-2001B ( 250gb SLIM ) [ Working!. ]

CECHG04 [ Working! ]

CECHE [ Working!. ]

CECHL04 [ Working! ]

CECH-2004B [ Working!. ]

CECH 2004A [ Working! ]

CECH-2504A Datacode 1A [ Working!. ]


Built with an OFW 4.50.

Disabled the coreOs and control ECDSA

LV1: patched to get rid of the security LV2

LV1: Look & Poke

LV2: Look & Poke

LV1: patched coreOs Hash Check ( prevents the brick in the console downgradate not dehashed )

Compatibility PS2 Games

Compatibility PSP Games Remastered

Compatibility Games PSP Minis

Secrets / Key 4.50 (Start have fun with 4.50 EBOOT secrets / SPRX)

PSN / SEN Permitted for return online

RSOD Screen Bypass for consoles struggling with RSOD

PS3 BT Remote patch

PS3 Packages DISC patch

Compatibility using the new edition of REACTPSN (version .1 alpha)


Install Package Files

Capability to Downgrade from OFW 3.55. with qa triggered.

Could be installed by Rogero CFW 4.xx (It’s suggested to RECOVERY)

Could be installed CFW Rebug 4.xx ( It’s suggested to RECOVERY)

Could be installed CFW Habib 4.xx ( It’s suggested to RECOVERY)

Upgradeable from 4.46. FERROX 1.2 (XMB)

Support InGame XMB ScreenShot Feature (thanks mysis of ps3 dev wiki)

Support Remote Play Feature

Stability as OFW 4.5.

Speed ??from the system elevated

Capability to downgrade from the custom firmware with qa triggered.

For those individuals who incur 8002F157 error, this means you haven’t enabled MODE ‘ON DEBUG ON through the qaflag after which need to do the deashing around the console.

To fix this error: Install CFW 4.21 Rebug or CFW that enables you to definitely activate the qa flag and also the mode ‘debugging. Upgrade to OFW 3:55 for 2 occasions consecutively. You heard right, to set up RECOVERY two times the OFW 3.55. Proceed with installing every other CFW’s.

I help remind you the beginning reason for this practice firmware is 3:55 Original Firmware or any Custom Firmware.


It’s suggested that, following a effective installing of custom firmware, run:

Settings> [System Configurations]> [Restore Default Configurations]. (From XMB)

Restore File System (Recovery)

Rebuild Database (Recovery)

So, you’ll have a clean install and you will be fine (Because of franci97 & SonyForever).

Download FERROX_450_100.PUP

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