Rogero Ps3 Cfw 4.46 v 1.00 – 1.01 Download has been released

Rogero Ps3 Cfw 4.46 v 1.01 Download has been released

Rogero released a new cfw is running more stable now, can operate as read, dehash alone must make the downgrade had built, the CFW was tested on all ps3 models encountered a problem and no truck. However, it must be installed in accordance with instructions or ps3 version of CFW will brick it, except you can seamlessly …



4.46 CFW PlayStation Network that you can login without problems and thus capable of hiding Banla minimizes the risk of ma, leaving the game freezing problems are resolved, it is still not running for re-signing 3.55 software you need now ….

Rogero Ps3 Cfw 4.46 v 1.00 – 1.01 Video Trailer



4.46 Rogero CFW v1.1 Details

* When you enter the Reactpsn PlayStation Network, will be in the closed position … (against the risk of Ban)
* Corrupted PS3 Blu-ray drive and Bluetooth card is faulty patch files have been added that will allow the necessary permissions to install the software …
* Fixed problems in the game for ps2 translated …
* Cinavia Patch added to the ToolBox. (App_home/PS3_GAME) is located in the tab interface …
* Added support for Reactpsn …
* Ps3 4.46 and with the lower version, you can play all the games without any operation …
* You can change the HDD Rogero armed cfw
* App_home added toolbox tab interface …
* Patched to disable Cinavia protection module was added to the video player …
* It will not restart when installation cfw’de files’dan Installer Package …
* Image is cfw’de 4:40 Ofw’deki the XMB menu …
* Previous versions do not have the demo mode instructions …
* You can see 256 pkg file to a …
* Split install pkg files seamlessly …
* Installation locations / dev_usb / dev_hdd0 / Package / PCI / 4 GB large files to PS3 this way you can by throwing …
* Split out multiman combine games you can play the file formats: .66600, 66663 / .001, .002
* Installer Package received error messages when loading tab fixed the problem.
* HDD hdd during the exchange in advance of the new pre-installed when you install this cfw cfw’yi install it again …
* LV1 & Lv2 Protection disabled …
* You can play PSN and Online Gaming …
* Imzalnmış for CFW 3.55 CFW 4.30 patch files and can run …
Does not work with this CFW homebrew applications * 3:55, 4:30 & 4:40 applications must be re-signed to …

Note: Called by me had been Rogero CFW 4.46 1:01. Play Online Friends that you’re about to stop smoothly CFW values ​​and size should be as follows.

“This CFW was examined of all PS3 Models by different testers with no problems were experienced.
But because any CFW release you have to do the installation with caution by following proper instructions, Nobody is going to be held accountable for just about any damage triggered.”


“Listed here are the steps:

1. Download the file “RB446DKIPF.PUP“ and relabel it to PS3UPDAT.PUP

2. Produce a new folder around the Cause of your USB memory stick or Exterior HD and title it “PS3” ( it might seem like this: x:PS3 where X may be the drive)

3. Produce a new folder within the “PS3” folder we simply produced and title it “UPDATE” . ( it might now seem like this: x:PS3/UPDATE)

4. Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP file we re-named and put it within the “UPDATE” folder we simply produced. ( it ought to now go something similar to this: x:PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP)

5. Place your USB or Exterior HD to your PS3

6. Switch on your PS3, visit System update and choose “Update via Storage Media”

7. Just follow any on the watch’s screen instructions that will show up.

8. And you’re done! ”


MD5: aced1947b311c205a3b82f3d26fbf8b3
Size: 194 MB (203,643,442 bytes).


Rogero 4.46 v.1.01

Rogero 4.46 v.1.01 Download Link

Rogero CEX 4.46 v1.00 Download link

Rogero CEX 4.46 v1.00 Download link

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  1. TQN says:

    very nice
    works fine on my ps3 slim

  2. Help says:

    while copying data at 75% it says data is corrupted, help please!!

  3. ripqhy says:

    hello there, i’m new to ps3 ..i’m currently running on rogero 4.46 … problem is that i cannot play few game, like sengoku basara 3, wolverine: origins, captain america… some got error msg.. but some just can’t load at all.. can anybody tell me what is going on? is there any restriction to play old games? sorry for my bad english :)


  4. david says:

    while copying data at 75% it says data is corrupted, help please!!

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