Ps3 Kmeaw Cfw 3.55 Download – How To İnstall

3.55 Download – How To İnstall

How you can install Cfw 3.55

Ok this is a simple and quick guide on setting up 3.55 Kmeaw CFW in your PS3.

Of course with CFW there’s a danger of bricking, There has been no reported bricks with this particular CFW. However or this website take no responsibility if you undertake to set up this

1. First improve your console to 3.55 CFW ( )

2. You will want to set up Ps3 3.55, You may either patch it yourself or download pre-patched Here (Link not mine)

3. To set up the CFW, format a memory stick to FAT32. Produce a folder named “PS3″ then within your “PS3″ folder, create another folder named “UPDATE”

4. Copy your patched “PS3UPDAT.PUP” file in to the “PS3/UPDATE” folder around the memory stick

5. Finally plug the memory stick to your PS3 increase

6. If everything goes ok after you are running CFW!

Being an extra here’s the easiest method to get the backup copies running:

1. After you have your CFW installed download the most recent Gaia manager

2. Put the .pkg file around the cause of your memory stick

3. Plug it to your PS3 then do the installation via “Install Package Files”

4. You have Gaia installed and technology-not only to backup your games!

Kmeaw 4.21 PS3 CFW Fix – Custom Firmware Download

Ps3 Kmeaw Cfw 3.55 Download

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